We contribute to the stable operation and
improved performance of wind turbines
responding rapidly to every blade problem.
Blade Partners is based in Europe and Japan. We deal
with the problems of wind turbine blades utilizing
engineers who have more than 20 years experience
using the latest technical documents and technical

Blade Partners is a joint venture between Japan Wind Development (Wind Power Plant Development), Eos Engineering & Service (Wind Power Plant Operation and Maintenance), and ,SJTC(Denmarkʼs Blade Service Company).
A Japanese corporation and a European corporation were established. SJTC has concluded contracts to access technical date with several companies including LM. We inherit these contracts and we can judge the defect and plan the repair method even on a blade manufactured by other companies.
Although Eos Engineering & Service started the blade repair business eight years ago, they have started global business development with the establishment of a joint venture with SJTC.


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