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Blade inspection
and defect evaluation


Inspection of blades,
wind turbine nacelles,
towers, etc. and defect
evaluation · lifetime

We do screening with camera, telescope, drone etc. Detailed inspection is conducted by rope access and inspection from inside. We classify defects of the blade and we recommend customers how to handle the defect such as immediate stop, reduced power operation to periodical inspection.

The continuity test of the lightning protection system is carried out by rope work using a highly reliable 4-wire low resistance measurement, specialized for blades continuity test.

  • Telephoto camera-1Telephoto camera-1
  • Telephoto camera-2Telephoto camera-2
  • Blade (Rope) inspection-1Blade (Rope) inspection-1
  • Blade (Rope) inspection-2Blade (Rope) inspection-2
  • Blade inside inspection-1Blade inside inspection-1
  • Blade inside inspection-2Blade inside inspection-2

Wind turbine outer surface inspection and repair

Exterior inspection of outer surface (nacelle, hub, tower etc.) of wind power generator and painting repair etc. can be done using rope, gondola, crane etc.
Especially, inspection and repair by rope access is effective in terms of cost effectiveness, compared with a crane.

  • Cable rack tightening-1Cable rack tightening-1
  • Cable rack tightening-2Cable rack tightening-2
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