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Gondola for blade repair (Kaeufer) and lifting device by ActSafe


Gondola for blade repair (Kaeufer) and lifting device by ActSafe

We formed the alliance with Kaeufer, known as a leading manufacturer of the gondola for blade repair, and imported the gondola article no. K-BP-2L (for 3MW, tower separation distance 12m) to use. While we use it within our company, we are engaged in the rental and the operation training, so please feel free to contact us.

In addition, we support K-BP-3 (6MW, 14.5m), K-BP-4 (17.5m), K-BP-0 (offshore) for the large scale wind turbines and offshore.
We will carry out the manufacturer's designated and legal maintenance with the gondola.

ActSafe's Power Ascender (battery and engine-power) is lifting device which is used multi-purpose not only for wind power but also for construction, civil engineering, electric towers, rescue, etc. as a world standard. We are partnership with ActSafe to sell, rent, operate, train and maintain their products.

We can also take special training for gondola and rope that is required in Japan.

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