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Repair with the latest technology
and best method


Planning and construction
of blade defect repair

Evaluate blade defects and their causes. It is also possible to judge manufacturing defects and design defects. Depending on the degree of defects, we will study a repair plan and propose the best way.

We regularly manage the necessary amount of blade repair material according to the regulations properly.

  • Hazards material warehouseHazards material warehouse
  • Blade repair materialBlade repair material

In the case to repair on the wind turbine, rope access, gondola (owned or rented in-house), and crane (sky box) can be used depending on the degree of defect.
We will discuss with the customer and propose the best way depending on site condition.
Depending on the degree of defects and damage, repair the blade on the ground after lifting down and replacement of the blade may be necessary.
We will also carry out blade replacement work if required.

  • GondolaGondola
  • Sky BoxSky Box
  • Repair with ropeRepair with rope
  • Repair on the groundRepair on the ground

LM chip brake

LM chip brake failure will be repaired including parts supply.

MHI 1000A

In addition to blade repair, Lightning protection system of MHI 1000 A can repaired.

Tip crack and dis-bonding repair

Tip parts defects such as Tip opening, dis-bonding of the joint, etc. can be repaired on the wind turbine.
We can repair of lightning protection system of various blades.

  • Tip crackTip crack
  • Tip crack repairTip crack repair

Lightning strike

It corresponds to repair of lightning protection system of various blades.

  • Damage of lightning protectionDamage of lightning protection
  • After repairAfter repair


We will investigate the cause of the cracks generated in the blade and devise the optimum repair method and will repair it.

  • Crack-1Crack-1
  • Crack-2Crack-2
  • RepairRepair

Lift down and repair

If damage is large, we will lift it down on the ground and repair it. It is also possible to cut the blade and join the prepared parts.

  • Repair on the groundRepair on the ground
  • Repair on the groundRepair on the ground

LE erosion

LE (leading edge) erosion progresses more quickly with UV when paint is peeled off. Early repair is necessary.

  • Erosion-1Erosion-1
  • Erosion-2Erosion-2
  • Repair of erosion-1Repair of erosion-1
  • Repair of erosion-2Repair of erosion-2
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