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Improvement of AEP and reduction
of fatigue load and noise by VG


Improvement of AEP
and reduction of fatigue load
and noise by VG

By installing a vortex generator, AEP improved over 3% as an actual value and reduce vibration and fatigue.

By generating a vortex in the proper place,
① Reduction of separation of wind flow at the bottom of the blade
② Reduction of the turbulence of the flow due to the roughness of the upper part of the blade and surface defects
As a result
1.Increase in AEP (annual power generation) of 2 and 4%,
2. Improvement of fatigue life due to reduction of noise and vibration
will be realized.

By properly installing VG, it is possible to achieve the expected effect and extend the service life without causing peeling during blade design life. BP established a construction method suitable for the environment in Japan.

  • Vortex generatorVortex generator
  • Performance improvement graph 3.9% AEP improvement in 25 monthsPerformance improvement graph
    3.9% AEP improvement in 25 months

VG product lineup

Design schedule in the future : All blades for GE 1.5 s, LM 37.3, J 82
More applicable models will be added.

For the design of a new blade VG, the blade shape, 3D data, airfoil shape is required, the period is 1-3 months.
Standard delivery time after completion of design is 2-3 months.

Steps of VG introduction

  1. Please inform us of necessary data such as windmill model, placement diagram, windmill latitude and longitude of the site you wish to install.

  2. When the corresponding VG of the blade is already designed
    ① Estimated increase from data on another site Assuming AEP, install without test
    ② Select test machines and install them on the blades. Judgment of installation will be an made after the result of more than 6 months.

  3. Confirmation of the effect of VG is carried out by comparing the amount of power generation of installed wind turbines and uninstalled wind turbines before installation, data of all the wind turbines and installation (Report Side By Side), and submit a report.

  4. In the case of a newly designed VG, we will discuss it separately.

If you have any problems with noise, please contact us. We will propose serrations.

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