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Measures against LE (leading edge) erosion


Measures against LE (leading edge) erosion

With LE erosion, as the size of the wind turbine increases, the speed of the tip part has advanced and the problem is becoming obvious. In addition to repairing LE erosion, we are studying molding shells, films, paints etc. which have been tested in the European offshore and have achieved good results in the erosion test. In the future, we will conduct construction tests, etc. and propose the best one suited to the environment.

We have experience and achievements in Japan from 3 materials such as ELLE (Preformed form) by Polytech, W8750 (Sheet) by 3M, Mankiewicz LEP10 (Coating) which showed less damage during investigation of the rain erosion for 3 hours by Offshore operator in Europe.

  • Measures against LE (leading edge) erosionMeasures against LE (leading edge) erosion

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